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Discuss News from the Other Side in Welcome on Rear Party; ......
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    Jul 2007
    Chained to my Desk

    News from the Other Side

    I have made an important discovery...

    that alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication


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    Senior Member Fally_Fox's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    Re: News from the Other Side

    Oh my god. She's adorable!!!!!!!!!

    And well done on the big changes I too am not part of the lifestyle anymore, and it's quite nice not to have all that worry, and also landed myself an amazing job which I actually WANT to go to everyday!

    Glad to hear ur doing so well!

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    Senior Member Deeply_Dippy's Avatar
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    Nov 2007

    Re: News from the Other Side

    WHAT A cutey! Adorable - nice to hear from you (though I didn't know you before)
    Opinionated, Moi?

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    Junior Member wigwam's Avatar
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    May 2008

    Re: News from the Other Side

    awww, what a lovely puppy.

    My head voice has gone all silly

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