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Discuss Army furniture? Newbie!!! in Patch and Pads on Rear Party; Hello! I'm due to be married this August, OH is in the Engineers and we are, he is, filling out our housing application. I've lived with parents and he has obviously been in SA. How ...
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    Army furniture? Newbie!!!

    I'm due to be married this August, OH is in the Engineers and we are, he is, filling out our housing application. I've lived with parents and he has obviously been in SA.
    How bad is the army furniture? I've heard some real horror stories which have worried me as although I have an ok job I have kind of been saving for the wedding not all my furniture! We have the basic beds, tv and kitchen type stuff but as for cabinets, bookcases, tables and chairs etc we were contemplating ticking for the army providing them.
    Has anyone experienced army furniture?
    Please let me know!!

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    If you haven't got sofas and things then you're better of using Army stuff for a while. It's not the best and it'll encourage you to start saving pretty quickly, but it'll get you by.

    But, I hear a vicious rumour and they've upgraded some of the furniture from heavy dark brown stuff to something a bit more acceptable to the 20th (never mind 21st) Century.

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    I can't say about the Army stuff, but the Navy furniture is solid mid oak colour furniture and not bad quality, the blue settee with orange/beige loose covers... not so great, but comfortable enough to get by with.

    Personally, I'd say, get in the minimum furniture from the housing people that you think need and save for the rest...
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    We've got a table and chairs which are really quite nice plus a desk which is fairly unoffensive. It's not stuff I would have chosen but equally I'm not in a rush to replace it.

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    We've got army bookcases they are the best made furniture we have! Bought from the surplus stores in the 1980s!
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    You can always start with Army stuff and wharf (give it back) when you have enough to buy your next bit.
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    hopping from one planet to another, cause i can't be from this shitehole
    only army stuff we ever had was cot and playpen.......i would have paid hundreds in a shop for the same quality stuff...........and it was modern

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    Can't help with the furniture but wanted to say hello
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    Generally speaking, all army stuff is basic but good quality. Taste doesn't come into it. Curtains never match carpets and sofa covers never match curtains or carpets, but then that's what happens when men get involved...( sorry GS, I count you as an honourary woman ) I think it's important to remember that if you were a civvie and moving into a house/flat for the first time, if you rented a furnished one you wouldn't have the choice, and neither could you give it back when you had your own stuff. In many ways the system works very well for first timers and newly weds. I would also say, if you've enough time to spend worrying about furniture rather than your sex life in the beginning..... get a grip woman!!!! lol
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    I had all army furniture when I first moved into quarters. The sofas are uncomfortable so that was the first thing we bought but slowly replaced the rest.

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    Don't know anything about Army furniture, but Hi and welcome anyway.

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    I know nothing either!

    TLC x

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