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Discuss What to wear? in Partners - Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Husbands on Rear Party; Not me this time but the OH... As part of my job overseas I go to a lot of formal functions / balls that require evening dress ( and most of the men around in ...
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    I'm a Grockle down south!

    What to wear?

    Not me this time but the OH...

    As part of my job overseas I go to a lot of formal functions / balls that require evening dress ( and most of the men around in Dinner Jackets etc)...also there are a couple of Embassy Garden Parties to go along to.

    Now my question is this - this later Summer / Autumn my OH will be able to come with me to these - but is he allowed to wear his uniform? I.e. Mess dress for balls etc - Uniform (which one?!) for UK Embassy Garden Parties? He seems to think that it's ok - but I need clarification (men are not the best at a) listening or b) dispensing fashion advice!)

    I can stop counting from today as we finally get to be together!!

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    Hey Angharad,

    Didn't want to read and run and whilst I don't know the actual rules surrounding it. Mr D wears his unifrom whenever he can (he says it makes him a babe magnet!) I kinda like it actually as it means I don't have to bother at all! Every wedding we go to he has piccies with the bride and I end up just holding the drinks

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    For Embassy parties, he'd be best off NOT wearing his uniform. You just never know. If he was serving in that country as a military representative based in the Embassy itself, then he could wear uniform. Otherwise, just normal suit and stuff.
    Hope that helps

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    Agree with CK.

    In a civvy environment I don't think it's appropriate unless he's there representing the Army in an official capacity.

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    In my experience, such events are attended in civvies. As bodger says, the only caveat is if he is on official military business (and he'll know whether he is or not), but that's quite rare.

    If in any doubt, he should get advice from the Defence Attaché or their staff in the relevent embassy.
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