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Discuss Need a place to moan? Don't need a reply? Fill your boots! in Partners - Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Husbands on Rear Party; [Grump, sparing you the tedious, very petty detail] Pensioners! [/Grump, sparing you the tedious, very petty detail]...
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    [Grump, sparing you the tedious, very petty detail] Pensioners! [/Grump, sparing you the tedious, very petty detail]
    Biddy, 2nd Class

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    I really wish Mr dizzy's posting order would hurry up already. I really hate this limbo we are in. Please Glasgow be nice to us!

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    Mostly settled in our very first own home - in Germany!
    I know we are supposed to be appreciating our children that little bit more today, but my smallest one can fuck right off.

    I am sick to bloody death of him not listing, throwing shit, screaming at the slightest bloody thing and not sleeping until midnight (ish).

    Sick and bloody tired and all I want to do is be able to have something to eat and not feel like absolute fucking shit, but I literally haven't got anyone at all to help. No one. So great.
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