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I work at a hi-tech startup firm developing a mobile video messaging application for the iPhone and Android.

The application is designed to enhance communication between friends and family and is especially beneficial for those living away from loved ones.

Based on a discussion with a colleague of mine, we came to the conclusion that military spouses and parents could powerfully benefit from the application we are developing.

Here is a link for our survey. Anybody who currently has or has had a spouse, child, and/or parent deployed is relevant to fill out the survey. Your assistance really facilitates the product development.

If you don't have any connection to the military, visit glide, put down your info and we'll be in touch before the product is released.

In a nutshell, the app is like a video walkie talkie where you can not only hear the other party but also instantly see the other party. I'm at alex [at] glidetalk [dot] c om for questions or recommendations.

Lastly, because of my small network of relevant military websites, if you would like to post the link to the survey or even this entire post to other forums, blogs, or just send it to friends you are definitely encouraged to do so. It's a tremendous help!

I hope to be in touch as the app nears its launch date!