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Discuss Passing out parade outfits.... HELP!!! in The Lounge on Rear Party; This has been addressed previously somewhere, but not for a little while and I'd like some advice from you guys and gals, the insiders that know the right and the wrong way to do things, ...
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    Passing out parade outfits.... HELP!!!

    This has been addressed previously somewhere, but not for a little while and I'd like some advice from you guys and gals, the insiders that know the right and the wrong way to do things, not dear Jimmy's 6th cousin twice removed who went to one of these things once upon a time....
    Ok, so the dress code is smart, I get that, so a trouser suit immediately springs to mind, however as it's a summer occasion (July) I would quite like to wear a dress. Any restrictions on colour? I'm guessing on or below the knee? And shoes? Small heels/flats?
    I want to make him proud and be appropriately dressed so that I'm smart enough for the top dogs while looking nice enough that I'll make him proud in front of the rest of the boys in his troop too! Lol!
    I have a few ideas but would like ur general input first to know I'm heading in the right direction!!

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    I'd recommend low heels simply because you'll be stood around alot of the time and there may be some walking around depending on the camp - where I used to work the carparks were next to the Parade Square, but where I am now you can walk nearly a mile from the carparks to the Parade square.

    No colour restriction that I'm aware of, length wise I'd go for anything on the knee or below. Highly recommend making sure whatever length it isnt too low cut and have a jacket as these things are held in places which seem to have gale force winds blowing through even on the nicest of summer days!
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    When my hubby passed out of Lympstone, I wore a long ivory maxi dress from Coast (see attached pic - although my dress had an ivory and black sash belt around the middle). I don't do heels, so I wore a complimentary pair of flats to go nicely with the dress that I wore. The only downside (which I found out after) to wearing the dress that I wore was that everyone thought somone had got married. So I would maybe pick something with a bit more colour. Some people were wearing jeans, some were weraing dresses/skirts when I was there for my husbands Pass Out Parade. If I were you, I would think along the lines of what you would wear to a wedding as this is pretty much the same. Smart yet comfortable and stylish. You will not do a fat lot of walking a Lympstone, as everything is quite close together, and for the presentation of the green beret and the parade you will be sitting down, but after that you will find yourself walking round and meeting loads of lads from your OH's troop. If you're not a heels person, wear flats but if you're comforatble in heels then you will be fine. Sorry to ramble on, but I hope this helps. If not, then let me know and I will do my best to go into more detail.
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    I would agree with Kayleigh on a maxi dress. It will help to keep you comfortable whilst still being stylish and lovely. They have got some lovely ones on at the moment too and they are fairly cheap.
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    Nah - The boy passed out from Sandhurst and it was winter.
    During the day I wore a knee length leopard print shift dress, tights and boots. Along with a fluffy hat and nice fitted coat. ha!

    People will literally be wearing all sorts so don't worry too much.
    My friends wore a print maxi dress, flats and a nice cardi to her brothers passing out.

    If I was to go in summer I'd wear...a knee length dress or a skirt/top and cardi... and then coat and shoes would be dependent on the weather x

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    my experience is that anything goes! I've seen OH's/sisters etc wearing well, pretty much nothing really, mates from 'dah hood' wearing what can only be described as lots of 'bling!' with beige camberwick trackies, the exotic parents of our commonwealth brethern in gorgeous colourful sari's, turbans etc, rather expensive suits.
    I went for smart casual- dark trousers, white blouse,- trouser suits or a nice dress would be fine,whatever makes you feel good and comfortable, but be very aware that just because it's summer it doesn't mean it will be sunny- parade squares can be windy old holes- I think it's compulsory. My friend has just done her lads in pouring rain, thunder. lightening etc.
    don't forget camera, spare batteries, tissues and sun glasses.....
    and most of all enjoy , you'll find your child doesn't care what you look like he's just proud your there

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