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Discuss what is it like in Hounslow? ?? in London-ish (HIC 4 - High Wycombe0 on Rear Party; Hi im new to this I have no idea what im doing so hopefully fingers crossed I'll get some answers from u lot Anyway my husband just got a married quarters in beavers crescent hounslow ...
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    Question what is it like in Hounslow? ??

    Hi im new to this I have no idea what im doing so hopefully fingers crossed I'll get some answers from u lot
    Anyway my husband just got a married quarters in beavers crescent hounslow I was wondering if someone can tell me what its lije there or whats he area is like where's the nearest train station just general stuff really thank you for helping me
    Kind regards


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    With the lean green fighting machine
    Have a nosey on patchpedia, that might help you out.

    Anyway tradition states that you get the virtual bar open. Mine's a whisky.
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    viros non paenitet

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    Hi and welcome

    Sorry I can't help but didn't want to read and run.

    Mines a large tea, there's too many empty bottles around me to drink more!
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    Shit happens.... and in the forces, shit happens faster!

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    Hi Amy,

    From spending a fair bit of time traveling to and from Hounslow as of late my thoughts on the area.

    The area itself seems pretty safe and I have never felt afraid walk around by myself, even after dark, but it is a bit run down as you walk into the main Hounslow East drag. From Beavers Lane it'll take you around 10minutes to walk to the nearest tube station (Hounslow West) which is on the Piccadilly Line - very good for shopping/going out in central London. Admittedly, it does end up being a bit of day out rather than 'nipping into town' though. The local pubs seem to be best avoided (although I have only been to the Earl so its a purely they look shabby snap judgement) the Hungry Horse is not bad if you want lots of food at a good price. For nice lazy weekend pubs I'd recommend going around the Witton, Twickenham and of course Richmond areas.

    Within reasonable walking distance there is only a relatively small Morrison's from what I have found, so for bigger supermarkets a car properly wouldn't go amiss - the roads not being too bad for a non-London driver i.e. you are unlikely to stray into a poorly marked bus lane and get fined or wander unwittingly into any charging or congestion zone. I am not sure if there are buses if you do not have a car, logic says yes as there is a big Asda in Hounslow centre itself, but London bus routes never seem to be all that logical!

    You will be an easy taxi journey (or walk even) from Twickenham Stadium which is good if you like the Rugby or live music and you'll become very popular with family and friends traveling to Heathrow. Which brings me nicely into the biggest con of the area - the planes! Morning, noon and night you can almost count the passengers that are that low! At first it really unsettled me, but I have got use to it now and hardly notice them. That seems to be the general consensus from everyone else I've talked to. So do not despair in the first few weeks give it time.

    I can't say anything about schools or anything - I'd guess more or less the same as most London schools - short on playing fields but not that bad.

    If you have a smartphone pas that make living in London and getting anywhere easier include - Bus Checker, Live Trains, Halo and Kabbee. I'd strongly recommend one getting an oyster card if you don't already and registering it. As if you are anything like me - it'll be lost more times that it is found!

    I hope this helps and that you enjoy your time in Hounslow and London in general!

    Sorry about the essay,

    Little Bird

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