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Discuss Kids Kamasutra???? in Itch & Bitch on Rear Party; Parents Are Freaking Out Over This Weirdly Pornographic 'Kama Sutra Guide’ For Kids. | Someecards Moms I'm mote in a huff , that I'm suppose to dress up as a Clown tbh!!...
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    hopping from one planet to another, cause i can't be from this shitehole

    Kids Kamasutra????

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    Mostly settled in our very first own home - in Germany!
    I've seen this and LOVE it. It teaches a child in a way they understand without a lot of made up nonsense (minus the clowns etc)...what's not to like?? Shrug.
    Screw writing in pencil... from here on in, it's INVISIBLE ink!

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    Skateboarding technique is a bit dodgy for traversing a half-pipe safely, though.
    Biddy, 2nd Class

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    I'm fairly certain this is the book my parents got me at about 7 to introduce the concepts to me...I don't think i've been overly scarred by it, and I've yet to attempt it on space hoppers...though it does seem like it has potential for being great fun (and also several broken bones and a concussion...)
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