Can I draw your attention, please, to the Chalke valley Literaray History festival.

Now, I know it sounds a bit dry, but trust me; it's a really good day out. Apart from being set in one of the loveliest valleys in Wiltshire, the event buzzes with all manner of talks, demonstartions and entertainment. There is a bar and a rather good restaraunt too, I can vouch for the food.

Chalke Valley History Festival | 26th June – 1st July 2012

Just have a look at the program and you will see that there is something for just about everyone. Personally, I am quite taken with the talk on corsets - not that I need or wear one - but it does sound fascinating, and the talk on creative writing and how to write a best seller is a must for anyone who fancies having a go.
The talk by Martin Brown of 'Horrible Histories' is brilliant and most entertaining, and Dan Snow will be there, who I am told is a good looking chap. Also, for anyone with concerns about education, Michael Gove, Minister for education will be there. A chance to perhaps have a few words with him could appeal. I am anticipating a chat with him.

Anyway, if you can attend this beautiful venue, please do, and tell your friends too. I was at the first one and it was terrific, this new one promises to be even better.