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    Brett Battles is an American author from Los Angeles California. He is the author of several novels, all of the thriller suspense genre. His first novel ‘The Cleaner’ was nominated for and his second ‘The Deceived’ won the Barry Award for Best Thriller.

    An F-18 Navy fighter careens out of the blue sky above the Mojave desert. A TV cameraman, who grew up in a small town just miles away, can see what is going to happen next. Frantically, Wes Stewart race to the downed jet and tries to save the pilot’s life. When the plane explodes, Wes escapes without harm – and plunges into a murderous conspiracy.

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    • What was Harry Brearly trying to improve when he invented stainless steel and improved the world’s cutlery?
    • When was the first canning process patented?
    • When was the first can opener invented? (Clue – fifty years later!)
    • Why were silver fish knives used so commonly in the 19th Century?
    • What caused the human jaw to develop an overbite?
    • What was the original curfew?
    • What animals took over the role of ‘turnspit’ when it was considered unsafe for 4 and 5 year old children?

    Answers below

    All these questions and more are answered in this informative, entertaining and interesting volume. It takes the reader through the development of cooking from its beginning on open fires to today’s multi-thousand-pound designer fantasies.

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    During my service I’ve seen provision of health care for forces personnel change dramatically. Military hospitals closed a long time ago and unless you’re deployed or based overseas, your medical centre will normally refer you into the NHS should you require any type of complex treatment. Unless you’re able to get fast tracked due to imminent deployment or being in a specialist trade then you’ll be treated exactly the same as everyone else.
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    Among You is the gripping real-life story of a solider serving on the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an unforgettable, unflinching account of the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Jake wood lives parallel lives: encased in the glass tower of an international investment bank by day, he is also a dedicated TA solider who serves on the front line during the invasion of Iraq, later returning to the war zone to conduct surveillance on insurgents. Disillusioned with the dullness and amorality of the banking world, he escapes back to the army for a third tour of duty. But in Afghanistan he discovers the savage, dehumanising effects that war has on both the body and the mind. And, diagnosed with chronic PTSD on his return, he must now fight the last enemy – himself – in order to exorcise the ghosts of his past.

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    I still remember the day that I found my first Rosemary Sutcliff historical novel, The Eagle of the Ninth. I can remember the school library – deeply unfashionable these days of course with the internet; I can even remember the shelf the book was on. That is the impact that her writing had on me. I must have been all of 14 years old, and had no idea that historically accurate novels could be, well, such fun to read!


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