• Minefields of the Heart by Sue Diaz

    'Minefields of the Heart' is an account of war told from a mother's perspective; in this case, Sue Diaz, an experienced journalist and writer. What makes this book compelling reading (beyond the content itself which I will get to later) is that Sue Diaz's son, Roman Diaz, was a member of the now infamous 'Black Hearts'. Having just reviewed Jim Frederick's 'Black Hearts' for ARRSE, the publishers thought I might be interested in this alternative view of events.

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    One of the strengths of this book is its perspective; this is a book about mothers, families and friends and how they cope with the operational deployments of their loved ones. The only accounts of war come through letters home, emails and IM conversations (luckily Sue Diaz's journalistic instincts drove her to keep all correspondence including electronic!). As such this book approaches the subject of the emotional baggage of repeated tours of duty from a refreshing angle.

    Sue Diaz was never an advocate of the war, indeed one of her fears is what she will say if her son is ever killed. That being said she does not let her personal political beliefs get in the way of her maternal concerns and her pride in her son. Her son spent over two years of his short service in Iraq, first with 1st Armoured Division and then with 101st Airborne Division. As such Sue Diaz had plenty of experience to draw upon.

    This book is very well written and makes a fascinating read in its own right; however it is as a companion read to 'Black Hearts' that it really comes into its own.

    Well worth a read.

    4 wine glasses


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      Auld_Yin -
      I have received the following email from Sue with some interesting web links that you may wish to follow to get more information about the book:

      .........please convey my appreciation to “Captain Crusty” for his positive words and those four mushroom heads!

      It occurred to me that your online community might also like to see one or all three of the Youtube videos connected with Minefields of the Heart. They’re short -- approximately 3-minutes each -- and I think they add another dimension to the story. Here are those links:

      Minefields of the Heart: A Mother's Stories of a Son at War by Sue Diaz - YouTube This one provides a summary of the book’s events and themes

      And these two might be of special interest to the wives/partners/families at the Rear Party site:

      A Soldier's Call - YouTube Story of my son’s phone call home the day he deployed for the first time

      Words for a Son Home from War - YouTube Back from the war, my son begins the long journey home

      Again, my thanks for the good review, but more than that, thanks for the important service your site provides to the military community. Keep up the good work!