• A Lily of the Field - John Lawton

    A Lily of the Field is a novel purely based on fiction. Set in WW2 it follows the life of a young Jewish girl, Meret Voytek. Saved from certain death by her incredible talent, she is forced to play Cello for her life. The book also tells the story of Viktor Rosen, whom is trying to relinquish his membership to the Communist Party and Scotland Yard Detective Frederick Troy, who finds himself investigating a case which is deadly.

    Initially when asked to review this book, I thought it a fantastic opportunity. I have become increasingly interested in this period of time, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading books like “Anne Frank’s Diary”.

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    This book is not like Anne Frank’s Diary, but it did not disappoint. Whilst it is not a factual account of a life, it is as good as. Following the twists and turns of the many characters in this book kept me gripped for hours, and the only reason it took me a while to read the book was because I wanted to savour every moment.

    I went through every emotion reading this book, from happiness to sorrow. There were times where I was moved to tears, because I could imagine the horrors that the real victims of the holocaust went through. The emotion, or sometimes lack of it, was captured very well by the author.

    Anyone interested in the WW2 era would appreciate this book. It has a good solid, if very twisting, story. It opens the readers eyes to what might really have happened to the survivors of Auschwitcz and such places.

    This book will remain on my book case, to be read time and time again. It may not be a quick read, but it is definitely a good read. An enjoyable read which stirs the emotions.

    I would award this book 4 out of 5.


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