• Dead Game by Claire Kinton

    ‘Dead Game’ is a fantasy novel that borrows from mythology and Christianity and tells the story of young Lance Corporal Archie Fletcher, who has died and is ‘in Transit’. The story weaves back and forth with flashbacks giving the reader some background into the life of Archie Fletcher and forwards into the present where he is struggling to adapt to the situation he has found himself in.

    The story is one of overcoming adversity, adapting and making the best of things. I enjoyed the allusions to mythology as it gave the narrative some depth, the picture painted of what happens after death is a fascinating insight into the possibilities of what may happen to us.

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    The main theme of the story is the main characters making a journey to the ‘other side’ and overcoming obstacles along the way, it is interesting that most of the obstacles are put in place by the characters themselves. The hierophant Emrys assists Archie when he first arrives in Transit, it transpires that Archie and Emrys know one another from a previous life and it is Archie’s task to help Emrys recover his memory. The allusion that sometimes we make things harder for ourselves and put things in our own way is a good one.

    The flashbacks add detail to the character of Archie and make the reader empathise with him, what has happened to him and what his family is going through. The other characters are detailed and the reader is also able to identify with them, which adds to the richness of the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy or mythology, I think this would also be a good read for older children and there are some good ‘moral tales’ woven throughout.

    Rating - 3.5 starts out of 5


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