• Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

    Let us get one thing straight. I don’t ‘do’ vampires. The television series, the films, the books – is it the Twilight series? I have not seen them, and have no desire to be scared out of my mind (yes I am female and a suspense wuss). So I have to admit to having thoroughly enjoyed Black Swan Rising. It was a light, enjoyable read with good characters, a bit of light erotica (I gather vampires and sex are inextricably entwined for some reason) and a good enough storyline. But I would say definitely for women readers rather than men – and I am not being sexist here and it is not just that the major character of the story is a female.

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    Black Swan Rising charts the adventures of Garet James as she comes to terms with her heritage; a sort of modern inbetweeney – for those of you who remember the Goodies. But more of a dividing line between good and bad rather than a teenager. And having opened the box and let a metaphysical Pandora escape she cannot put or turn back time. Garet finds that the city she knows is not the city she thinks it is. Adventures follow thick and fast; a gorgeously attractive vampire, a fairy king who is not as nice as he makes out; a modern-day Tinkerbell, as well as a dragon and some walking dead.

    All in all an enjoyable fantasy read; I am looking forward to the next instalment – and who knows I might find myself hooked on vampires after all.

    Rating: 3


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