• The Beauty Chorus by Kate Lord Brown

    The Beauty Chorus tells the stories of Evie, Stella and Megan, 3 ATA girls - the civilian pilots who ferried Tiger Moths and Spitfires to bases across war-torn Britain.

    Evie Chase is the beautiful daughter of a rich RAF Commander. She has what seems to be a perfectly charmed life, but she is determined to make a difference and her heart is set on flying. Stella Grainger has recently returned from Singapore, having left her husband, and then left her baby boy with his parents. Megan Jones is a teenage girl from Wales who hasn't been further than the village in which she was brought up.

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    These 3 girls, who are all so very different in their backgrounds, are billeted together in a small cottage in a quiet country village where they have to learn to not only live together, but to trust each other quite literally with their lives as they go through their pilot training and beyond.

    Despite the differences in their backgrounds, they all have one thing in common - they are all brave, love to fly and are fiercely independent. We are taken through the ups and downs of their lives, both as pilots and as individuals. From love and laughter, to loss and tears, this book quickly sucks you in to the point where you can almost feel as if you are making the friendships along with them and wanting so dearly for them to make the right decisions.

    There are some surprise real life characters that appear in the book, which help to draw you in even further. It may technically be a work of fiction, but there is an awful lot of truth in the book. It was fantastic to get a small insight into what these women would have had to fight against, not just with the Germans, but also with the males that they worked with; something that possibly is still faced even today.

    Filled with grit, determination, bravery, espionage and the infamous British "stiff upper lip", this book gives you an insight into what life was like during WWII. The way that people pulled together and sometimes did things that we, today, would cringe at thought of, makes you realise just how disjointed society has become.

    I have to say, I got to the end of the book and was devastated - I wanted more chapters to see if the plans that were made with the characters and the way I hoped things would work out came to fruition. If there is ever a sequel to this book, I'll happily queue overnight on a cold pavement to get my copy! Quite possibly the best book I have had the pleasure to read in a long time.

    Many thanks to Corvus for allowing me to review this book before the release date and to Kate Lord Brown for writing it - it was a pleasure and an honour to read.

    I give it 5 glasses.


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