• Children of the Camps - Japan's Last Forgotten Victims by Mark Felton

    Children of the Camps tells the truly heart wrenching stories of the treatment of the Allied children by the Japanese during the Second World War. We are often told of the harsh and murderous treatment of the adults, but very rarely is the treatment of the children covered, not to mention the scars that still last nearly 70 years later.

    The children caught up in this conflict were taken from their comfortable homes and their parents and put in internment camps where they saw things that no child should ever be witness to. Subjected to abuse and starvation and often falling ill with diseases, these children literally had to fight for their lives. Then, just when they thought their time of incarceration was over, they were left to face the uncertainties of the immediate post-war period when liberation and freedom often meant discovering the loss of their parents and other family members.

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    This book covers a part of history often overlooked for the atrocities in Germany. The author, Mark Felton, has put together some very moving and horrific interviews with some of the survivors, now elderly adults, about their time in the camps and the effects that it has had not only on them, but also their families. Some recount their experiences as if they were yesterday, which shows the depth of effect the actions of the Japanese had upon them. Reading the words on the pages, you can almost see the tears and feel the emotion and pain that must have flowed during the interviews.

    Atrocities does not even begin to cover the brutal acts that were carried out, and some of the pictures of the children that the author has included could touch even the coldest of hearts. I couldn't tell you when the first of my tears fell whilst reading this book, but I can tell you that they continued after I had finished it. I even have tears welling in my eyes as I type the review and think back to what I have read.

    All in all, a truly moving and emotional book, not for the faint hearted. This is not "written" by someone who knows nothing about the things that went on, this is written by a man who has allowed the voices of the victims to be heard without the "glitz and glamour" of a Hollywood blockbuster.

    This is not fiction - this is the truth, and the visions it conjures will stay with me forever.

    Many thanks to the author for allowing their stories to be told, to Pen and Sword Books Ltd for sending me the copy to review, but most of all, to the survivors for giving us insight into their lives.

    I give it 4 glasses.


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      Auld_Yin -
      Thank you for the review Wench.

      There are often books written about courage shown in battle, yet it takes books like this to show that courage and raw bravery take many forms.