• Women in the Second World War by Collette Drifte

    What a great book, I'll be honest when I saw I was reviewing a military book I thought 'why me!'.

    I was very very surprised I couldn't put it down, just a shame I no longer have the ability to stay awake for 36 hrs plus, not that it would take that long but fitting it around work was an issue - I wanted to stay home and read more.

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    It gives an insight into the lives of a number of women who gave up a period of their lives in order to help the war effort. It also makes me realise how easy my life is today.
    I was particularly interested in reading about the adventures of the SOE girls - WOW how brave were they, and a lot paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

    I have to give this 5 wine glasses as I seriously could not put it down ( the book arrived with me in the post Wednesday afternoon, and I have had three rather busy days in work to fit in around my reading).

    Sluice Dweller

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    1. Heli's Avatar
      Heli -
      Ooh thanks sluice. This looks right up my street!
    1. sluice_dweller's Avatar
      sluice_dweller -
      No worries Heli, could even loan you my copy x