• New York Valentine - Carmen Reid

    Annie Valentine had it all until the plug was pulled on her TV show - How Not To Shop. She is left with her lovely husband, Ed, her stroppy teenage daughter, Lana, the hardworking son, Owen, and her twins - Mickey and Minnie (I know).

    Her business partner, Svetlana, approaches her with a problem and there's nothing Annie won't do to help - especially when it involves spending a few weeks in her fashion spiritual home of New York (especially if it means she can get her hands on the bag she dreams of owning). She decides to take the grumpy daughter Lana with her and leave Ed to cope with his job, the twins and Owen.

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    Her trip is successful, but not without a few hiccups, a skip, some nice surprises and some strange happenings along the way. It is then cut short by problems at home, leaving her with the decision of whether to leave her daughter in New York or take her back home with her.

    Back home, there was no way she could have imagined what has gone on, but ever the practical woman, she manages to get through the best way she can - with sheer dogged determination. Cue a crazy QC, a chance meeting in a restaurant and a mad New York fitness instructor and you have a roller coaster of a ride.

    I have to say, not being a Chick Lit fan, I rolled my eyes when I first saw the cover but I have to say I quickly found Annie to be a fantastic and likeable character that I think every woman will be able to relate to. The phrase "never judge a book by the cover" was written for this book. I never in a million years thought I'd laugh or be gripped by a book like this but I was. I think it's because it's not about a single woman searching for love, it's more about family and how important they are to us but the clash that sometimes occurs when you don't know whether to follow your heart or your head.

    I will be getting the other books in this series as I was pleasantly surprised.

    I give it 4 glasses.


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