• 'I'm getting out by Andrew Pyle reviewed by Sluice Dweller

    I'mgettingout is a book thats been written for Armed Forces personnel joining Civvy Street!

    What do I think of the book, well.............................................. .....

    It's been written by an ex soldier, so a lot of it based on his own experience. Lots of useful snippets in the book including some exercises (not the out in the wilderness type, but the sit with a note book and pen type!) looking at various aspects that would need to be considered when leaving the service regardless of when in the readers career.

    The one thing I found difficult is there seemed to be an opinion that I would have very few qualifications! However that aside, I think it would be helpful for anyone leaving the forces even if its to see how its done from someone else's perspective.

    Ladies, probably something worth leaving in the downstairs loo as the OH starts talking about leaving, cause we all know blokes are bad at doing their admin for this sort of stuff!

    I'll give it 2 1/2 wine glasses

    Sluice Dweller

    plus a half as I don't have a logo for that!!!

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    1. imgettingout's Avatar
      imgettingout -
      Hi Sluice Dweller and members of Rear Party!

      My name is Andrew Pyle and I wrote this book. I want to thank you for reading imgettingout and taking the time and effort to write a review for the Rear Party Book review section. Genuinely, thank you.

      I wanted to let everyone know that members of Rear Party are able to get a 30% discount on the book for the remainder of December 2010, if they order it from HERE

      I'm really interested to hear more on why you thought the book assumes the reader has very few qualifications.

      Having delivered civilian qualifications to members of the Armed Forces for over 5 years, I know only too well, how well qualified Service leavers can be. If there is a tone within the book that conveys anything other than this, then I would appreciate some feedback as to where, so that future editions of the book can be improved. The opinions of the British Armed Forces community are the only thing that matter to me.

      I can always be reached on [email protected]

      Again, thank you for this review

      best wishes to the Rear Party community

      Andrew Pyle