• Do you think you’re clever? by John Farndon

    Do you think you’re clever?” is a compilation of some of the more unusual questions put to eager candidates hoping to join the elite of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The author, himself a graduate of Jesus College, Cambridge offers his answers to the questions posed but goes to great pains to emphasise that his answers are not necessarily correct, only his opinions. As you read through the book, you realise why. Questions such as “Does a snail have a consciousness?” and “Is the Bible a fictional work? Could it be called chick lit?” are impossible to answer in black or white and that is the point of this book.

    As I soon realised, this isn’t a book to be read in bed at night, nor does it deserve a place in the cloakroom; unless of course you are an insomniac with a need to argue with yourself or in the habit of talking to yourself in the smallest room in the house. I had long car journey to endure and took the book along for the ride in the hope that it might break up the monotonous cycle of Radio 2 and eye spy, I also have a smugly clever husband and love the idea of being able to ask initially ridiculous sounding questions that have no definite answer.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and purposefully haven’t read the author’s own answers to the questions. It’s a book for long journeys and those pauses during conversations that you shouldn’t fill with religion, politics, work, taxes or death. There’s a good range of questions from the light hearted “What happens if I drop an ant?” to the more thought provoking
    “Where does honesty fit into law?” and provided you have an opinion of your own, then you’ll have an interesting and fun time with this book.