• My Daddy’s Going Away by Major Chris MacGregor

    When reading this book I decided to try and review it on two levels. As a mother of children whose father serves abroad and also that of a child whose father serves abroad. First impressions of the book are that the graphics are “funky” and suited to a younger audience. This coupled with the fact that you are able to place a picture of the loved one and of the family in the book make for a more personalised and touching memento.

    The language used within the book is suited to a broad age range, and is not so specific that it would only apply to forces families. Therefore any family that has paternal separation issues could benefit from the use of this book.

    My son liked this book because it explained that you can still communicate with Daddy whilst he is away, that you can make up care boxes, write and that you have a big party when he comes home!

    However, I do feel that certain aspects of the book may provoke further questions from slightly older children (9 and up).

    Overall I think that this book makes the point that it need’s to, and is a useful tool to implement when dealing with this situation. Some children may find it over simplistic, but I would imagine that would be in the age range of 11 and over, which this book is not marketed at.

    As a parent this book was a pleasure to read with my 9 year old son and my infant daughter.

    4 1/2 Ms Winos