• Chin Up, Head Down: A Mothers Journey Of Madness And Grief by Helena Tym

    The loss of a child is perhaps the greatest tragedy that can befall a family. On Tuesday 2nd June, 2009 this was the catastrophic event that shattered the lives of Helena Tym and her family. Their son Private Cyrus Thatcher was killed in action whilst serving in Afghanistan with 2 RIFLES. Nothing could ever be the same again and this is Helena’s deeply moving and honest account of a family coming to terms with their loss.

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    This is a tale of grief and desperation, of helplessness and despair. Helena tells the story of her painful experience from the viewpoint of a parent rising slowly from anguish and confusion to acceptance. Grief is a very personal emotion, and this is the story of a mothers’ heartache, of her emotions and of her misery in the darkest days of her life. The story starts with the ‘knock at the door’ and goes through the entire experience of the repatriation of her son, the funeral, and of a multitude of public memorial services. As you read, you begin to understand the sheer hopelessness of the situation. This is a story without a happy ending, and you can clearly see the various stages of grief as Helena works through them.

    Not a read for the feint hearted. This is, as I have said, a very personal account, and at times is very dark, but you can see the therapeutical effects of this book, as the author shares with the reader her emotions, thoughts and grief that she feels she cannot share with her family, who have their own grief to contend with, for fear of burdening them further.

    My heart goes out to the family, and this is one book, that I wish had never had to be written, but I hope that by doing so, Helena has managed to find an opportunity to offload some of her grief and pent up emotions.

    Rating: 2 Wine Glasses.

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    Chin Up, Head Down by Helena Tym, published by Fire Step Press
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