• Home to Roost, Putting Down Roots in Cornwall by Tessa Hainsworth

    Tessa Hainsworth used to live in London and worked as a marketing manager at The Body Shop. She moved to Cornwall with her family a couple of years ago and now works as a postie (her 'proper' job), counsellor, therapist, barterer extraordinaire, matchmaker and general Gill of all trades.

    This book is a complete delight to read; either at one sitting, or to dip in and out of. Tessa has a lovely way with words and her description of the characters that populate Trevanny, Morranport and the local Cornish villages are astute, humorous and very loving. Coming from London it is not easy to be assimilated into a tight knit community as is illustrated when Tessa’s new neighbours arrive. (It says much about Tessa’s family that they are viewed as part of the community.)

    Tessa has a deft touch in the way she describes her life in Cornwall. Her tale of everyday happenings to everyday people in her community is astutely observed but is non-judgemental. Her gentle humour shines through, and I love the way that she readily acknowledges how difficult the transition can be from city life to country life – not least adapting to a different rythm of time, priorities etc. That is not to say that country life is perfect – far from it. Tessa portrays it as a ‘making do’ particularly in the winter, but what shines forth is a love and belief in the community of life and how neighbours pull together and help each other.

    If you would like a gentle, uplifting read to warm your heart this is definitely the book for you

    Wine glasses: 5


    Home to Roost by Tessa Hainsworth published by RandomHouse
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