• The Highway Rat - Julia Donaldson

    This beautifully presented book is another children’s gem from the ‘stable’ of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

    The villainous Highway Rat gallops across the country stealing the food of the animal travellers, no one is safe, no food undesirable, clover from the rabbit; nuts from the squirrel-he even steals his own horses hay.

    “Yes I am the Rat of the Highway, and whatever I want I take.”

    The Highway Rat is a despicable character, a rascal of the first degree. However he does get his comeuppance when he meets a cunning duck (in a red spotted head scarf) who, in accordance with all good children’s stories tricks him and saves the day.

    From the creator of ‘The Gruffalo,’ and ‘Stick Man’ The Highway Rat is another modern classic. There is enough repetition in the tale for young children to respond and repeat. The onomatopoeic quality of the rhyme makes the story easy to memorize and recite. There is a flow to the rhythm which makes it as easy to read as it is to listen to.

    A lovely book with a fabulous, rollicking rhyme, no junior library should be with out it.

    I'd give it 5 Ms Winos

    Review by; teacher_lady

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      squirrel_pigeon -
      Ooh, will have to have a look for this for DS. Maybe a potential stocking filler? I'm so pleased I saved all the JD/AS books from when DD was little as DS loves them too