• Poppy Day - Amanda Prowse (All royalties to RBL)

    Poppy Day is a novel based on fiction. Set in the present day it tells the story of a young army wife, Poppy Day, and her husband. His decision to join-up to “better them” has cataclysmic consequences, of which Poppy Day feels only she can rectify.

    The opening chapter struck a chord. Poppy Day’s husband, Martin Cricket, is deployed to Afghanistan. She receives a knock at the door whilst cooking fish fingers under the grill for a fish finger sandwich. When she looks through the spy-hole she see's two soldiers standing at her door. The author catches the mood perfectly. The feeling of dread seeing the soldiers knocking on her door, not wanting to open it, but knowing you have to. Being an army wife I could feel the emotion that the character would have felt, the dread, the terror, the panic. Knowing that you could not avoid it, that you had to answer the door at some point in the near future and hear the dreadful news that your husband had died, been seriously injured, or the worst of all had been taken. All the time worrying about the fact that you have a Major in your lounge, your house looks a mess and you’re burning your fish fingers!

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    This is where the book becomes fictional for me. Poppy Day decides to save her husband. When I first read the pages I was thinking, “Oh this is going to be silly”. However, I got it. I understood why the character would want to try and save him. I could understand the desperation that would drive a wife, or husband, to do such a thing.
    I felt that it was viable that someone would at least attempt to do just what the character wanted to achieve. Try and bring her husband home.

    This was a very emotional book for me to read. Maybe it was too close to home as my husband is currently on R1. I cried for the first 25-30 pages, and I cried for the last 10 pages. The author had me engrossed in this book the whole way through. Whilst it was fictional, and it was “unreal” fictional you could actually see the reasoning behind the story. It was very powerful, and something that any military spouse would probably want to do if they were given the freedom to do so.

    This book has also been published for The Royal British Legion. All royalties are being donated to them by the author. For that reason I am buying another book and donating to them for the one I have been sent to review.

    In summary, buy this book. You won’t regret it.


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