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Discuss Book Competition - Home Front by Kristin Hannah in Competitions on Rear Party; I'm a bit late, but thanks!...
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    I'm a bit late, but thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auld_Yin View Post
    Well done everybody - no incorrect answers! I must try and make the questions harder

    Anyhoo, the winners, in no particular order are:

    • jessticles
    • padme
    • dizzy.chick
    • roni0476
    • squirrel.pigeon

    The answers to the questions are:

    Q1 Sikorsky
    Q2 Wildcat
    Q3 Advertising

    I will be sending an email to the winners asking for their name and address so I can arrange for the book to be sent out to them. Quick responses would be appreciated.
    Still looking for roni0476 to come forward and claim the book. You have I until Monday next - if not done by then I will re-allocate.
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    Just thought I'd let you know that my copy arrived this morning. Am a bit too delicate to read it at the moment but shall wait til I have spoken to OH and know he's ok lol. Thanks again for running these comps A_Y
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